How To Create An Industrial Living Room

industrial living room ideas

If you are looking to create a home design that looks cool and requires little-to-no extra maintenance, consider an industrial living room. It is a design that mixes features such as wooden or metal beams and exposed bricks in one space to create an awesome style. Of course, the furniture and decor you choose can […]

Creating A 15×15 Square Shaped Industrial Bedroom Layout

industrial bedroom

Whether your room is small or large, arranging bedroom furniture the right way can be complicated. And with a square bedroom layout, the challenge can be even more significant. We created six 15 ft by 15 ft floor plan samples to give inspiration to you. Regardless of your bedroom design, you can create a peaceful […]

8 Home Office Layout: Designed in Industrial Style

industrial style home office

Nowadays, working from home is required. But even when it’s not required, it can be pretty desirable. If you are an entrepreneur, consultant, writer, designer, or a digital marketer, the home office is essential. You cannot go without it. Below, you’ll find different layouts, design tips and recommendations for an industrial home office. Use them […]