Creating A Living Room Layout With A Fireplace

living room with fireplace

There is nothing like a Mid Century modern living room to add a cozy but elegant touch to your home. You can enhance the design with a mixture of neutral shades and splashes of color. This way, you are creating a living room that is anything but boring or uncomfortable. In addition, you can also […]

Creating A Square-Shaped Mid-Century Modern Bedroom

mid-century modern bedroom

There is something about a Mid-Century modern style that adds a warm, cozy vibe, with a touch of elegance, to your home. Why not create this warm, elegant vibe in your aesthetic bedroom? After all, it is the place you relax after a long day. The best part is it is not difficult to create […]

Mid-Century Home Office Design with Feng Shui

mid-century modern home office

Your home office is the place you brainstorm, collaborate, and work on important projects. A Mid Century home office mixes comfort with elegance to create a pleasant workspace. In addition to feeling comfortable, your home office should also be a place that helps you to feel ready to face the workday. One idea is to […]

Mid-Century Modern Interior Design: Definition and Characteristics

mid century modern living room sample

Mid-century modern homes give the cozy corner to relax with classic looks and modern style. This evergreen style is evolving every day from mid of the 1930s with unique trends. Mid-century modern design is a kind of style that equally allows traditional wood and non-traditional materials i.e., glass, plastic to exhibit the beauty of the […]