Contemporary and Modern Interior Design: Definition and Differences

Contemporary and Modern Dining Room Interior Design

It is a common misconception that contemporary and modern interior designs are completely linked together. While there are similarities between the two designs. There are also many differences between them. To help you with your next interior design project, we are going to break down the differences between modern and contemporary designs. Contemporary Interior Design […]

How to Brighten A Room With Dark Furniture

Decoration with dark furniture.

It is no secret that brightening up a room can make it feel open and airy. However, you may be working around dark furniture without the option of buying new pieces.  Luckily, you can easily brighten a room with dark furniture. All you need to do is find a way to make the surrounding area […]

How To Create A Wall Gallery Layout Like A Pro

Wall gallery layout on the white wall, corner of the room

Are you looking to add a personal touch to your space? Look no further than an artwork gallery wall. It gives you the opportunity to display multiple pictures in just about any room of the home. For example, you can use your wall gallery layout to add excitement to your living room or create a […]

Feng Shui Bedroom Layout and Bed Placement Rules

Feng shui bedroom layout with white wall and bed color

Your bedroom is a place to retreat and rest after a long day, so you want to make sure it is a place of peace and relaxation. One idea is to create a feng shui bedroom layout with the right bed placement. We have created three best and three worst layouts according to feng shui […]

Hotel Room Design and Layout Types

Hotel room with double bed and bench in front of the window.

Whether you are designing a hotel, an Airbnb, or your master bedroom, you want to create the right hotel room floor plan. A hotel room is not a one-size-fits-all design, and you are going to find many ideas for your hotel room layout. You may be wondering why you would want to use a hotel […]

How to Layout Your Home Office with Feng Shui

white home office with white desk, orange chair and woman.

Whether you are taking classes or working from home, it is important to work in a home office that promotes productivity. One way to increase both peace and productivity is to create a feng shui home office layout. Learn About Feng Shui If you are unfamiliar with feng shui, it is an ancient Chinese practice […]

10×10 Bedroom Layout Ideas to Make the Most of Your Small Space

small bedroom with gray wall color

Designing a 10-foot-by-10-foot (305cm x 305cm) sized room without overcrowding can be especially tricky. It may seem like a very small space to design and decorate, and you may wonder where would be the ideal area to place the bed? What furniture should be included? Do you have too much stuff, and it’s hard to […]

Use Feng Shui To Add Harmonized Energy To Your Entire Home

feng shui rules for stairways

With a hectic schedule and busy lifestyle, it is important to create a peaceful and balanced home and a home that promotes comfort, good health, and positivity. You can achieve all of this by applying feng shui to your home. Feng shui is a practice of ancient China, and it uses energy forces to create […]

How to Easily Set Up Your Home Office

home office setup

A comfortable workspace or office is essential to working from home. Of course, there is more to a home office setup than just adding a desk and chair, especially if you are going to be using your home office full time. You want to be sure you are setting up a workspace that is not […]

Living and Dining Room Combo Ideas [with 5 Illustrated Floor Plans]


The living room and dining room combo is a great solution for small homes and a perfect solution for space-saving. The room also ensures that each area equally benefits from the light and view coming from your window. As for your family, a single space to eat, chill out, and relax is certainly a great […]