Contemporary and Modern Interior Design: Definition and Differences

Contemporary and Modern Dining Room Interior Design

It is a common misconception that contemporary and modern interior designs are completely linked together. While there are similarities between the two designs. There are also many differences between them. To help you with your next interior design project, we are going to break down the differences between modern and contemporary designs. Contemporary Interior Design […]

Bohemian Interior Design: 4 Elements for Bohemian Home Décor

bohemian furniture and decor

Creative people always find ways to show their artistic aptitude. Bohemian home décor and interior design are the real art décor without any fear of match and place. Boho décor reflects culture and life with a combination of objects, materials, colors, and patterns from all over the world. You can also easily convert your home […]

Mid-Century Modern Interior Design: Definition and Characteristics

mid century modern living room sample

Mid-century modern homes give the cozy corner to relax with classic looks and modern style. This evergreen style is evolving every day from mid of the 1930s with unique trends. Mid-century modern design is a kind of style that equally allows traditional wood and non-traditional materials i.e., glass, plastic to exhibit the beauty of the […]