Interior Design Styles

When it comes to choosing your interior design style, you have your pick of the bunch. You may enjoy the antique-inspired pieces of a Mid-Century Modern design or the artsy feel of an eclectic design. You can get an idea of the interior design styles we mention by checking out our various blog posts.

One way to choose your interior design is to draw inspiration from other spaces and elements. For example, an industrial interior design is inspired by the metal and wood elements of an old warehouse. A contemporary and modern design may draw inspiration from styles of various eras, such as the late 20th century for a contemporary interior design.

Of course, you need to ensure you are choosing the right furniture for your interior design styles. Luckily, we take you through the furniture and accessories that work for different interior designs. One example is a Mid-Century modern design, which may feature a mixture of antique and modern pieces. Imagine a living room with a flared-arm couch and sleek coffee table, which offers both comfort and clean lines.

If you are looking for more freedom to play with colors, patterns and textures, we offer tips on how to create an eclectic or Bohemian interior design. For an eclectic design, you are going to use various shapes, colors, finishes and textures to add a little flair to your space. With a Bohemian design, you are going to use bold colors and patterns, wicker or rattan furniture and a little greenery to decorate your space.

Whether you want to create an industrial-style home office, Mid-Century modern living room or Bohemian-style bedroom, we can help you explore different interior design styles for your home.