Are you someone who enjoys mixing different styles to create one design? You are sure to enjoy decorating your room in an eclectic style. The eclectic style blends a variety of designs in a way that creates balance and harmony in your room. While the styles may come from a variety of eras, they still work together to create an unforgettable design.

Eclectic interior design relies on different styles, contrasting colors and mixed textures to create a look that stands out from the crowd. The fun and freedom are exciting yet overwhelming, and you may not know where to start on decorating your room.

If you need a boost to get started, here are five tips for decorating your room in an eclectic style.

eclectic interior wall decor

Style an Eclectic Room With These Five Tips

Choose Your Color Palette

Your palette may vary per style, such as a modern or glam eclectic room, but it is recommended to choose one neutral shade and one accent color to get started on your space. This way, you can add a layer of shades without creating an eyesore. It also allows your neutral and accent shades to work together rather than overpower one another. For example, you may want to use beige as your neutral shade and blue as your accent color, or maybe you would prefer a neutral shade of gray and an accent color of purple.

eclectic living room with fireplace

Select Your Statement Objects

When it comes to your accessories and decorative pieces, you want to add statement objects to your eclectic space. A statement object can serve as a focal point, so you want to avoid adding too many statement objects to your room. Depending on the room size, you may only need one or two statement objects, such as an elegant mirror frame or headboard. Then again, you may want to use your modern or farmhouse-style nightstand lamp as your statement object.

Mix Different Furniture Styles

Your eclectic interior design is going to include several furniture styles in one space. One example is a wooden desk with an accent chair, or you can pair your rustic-style bed with your Art Deco dresser. If you have a reading nook in your bedroom, you may want to pair a small Mid-Century Modern bookcase with a farmhouse-style recliner. With this design, you are using the pieces you love even if they are not an exact match.

bedroom corner view with plants

Have Fun With Textures

Decorating your bedroom in an eclectic style gives you the opportunity to play around with different textures. Start by adding in different fabrics, such as shaggy throw pillows, quilted blankets, lightweight draperies and plush area rugs. You can take it one step further by using harder surfaces to have fun with your textures. This includes your wooden dresser, mirrored nightstand, metal picture frames and wrought iron lamps. One idea is to experiment with soft and hard textures to see what pieces look good together.

Add A Bit of Greenery

Now, this is usually done in an eclectic Boho-style room, but you can make it work for any eclectic bedroom. You are going to decorate your space with greenery. There are plenty of houseplants and flowers that match or contrast with your design without going overboard. For houseplants, you may want to add in succulents, lavender or spider plants as they clean the air and help you relax. As for your flowers, consider an arrangement in your accent color. You may decide to use your greenery as a focal point in your space.

indoor greenery with ladder

There is nothing like an eclectic interior design to create a gorgeous, unique room that is not unpleasant or overwhelming. You can check our pre-prepared layout samples with furniture selections for the living room and home office. If you keep the above tips in mind, you can easily decorate your room in an eclectic style.