It is a common misconception that a smaller living room can feel cramped and uncomfortable. However, you can actually make your small living room layout feel pretty spacious and comfortable.

To help you get started, here are a few ideas for small living room to make your space feel bigger.

How Do You Make a Small Living Room Feel Bigger?

Multipurpose Furniture

Multipurpose furniture is a great way to save space without sacrificing the function of your living room. One example is a storage bench, which can be used as a place to read or put on shoes, as well as a storage solution for linen. It can even be used as a coffee table.

Another idea is an entertainment center with drawers for your media and devices. Also, check out our space-saving furniture stores list!

Decorate With Mirrors

Decorating with mirrors is an old trick for making a smaller space feel bigger. You can decorate with one large mirror or a cluster of mirrors. The best part is you can find mirror frames in different styles to fit your living room interior.

Quick Tip: The mirrors reflect light to make space feel brighter, which makes it feel more open, plus the reflection of the room can make it feel wider or longer.

Round Coffee Table

Another option is to invest in a round coffee table for your living room. However, the twist is an “over and over” coffee table. This way, you can create extra space on your coffee table without taking up too much floor space. The round shape also makes it easier to move around the living room without dealing with the corners sticking out. In addition, a C side table is a great option to use beside the sofa.

Scale Your Furniture

Scaling down your furniture is another way to create more space in your small living room. Instead of opting for wide, bulky furniture, downsize your pieces to a smaller sofa and coffee table. You can even look into wall-mounted tables or shelves to create more floor space, such as the wall-mounted bookcase.

Choose Your Pieces Wisely

Of course, you want to choose your pieces wisely when furnishing a smaller living room. A sectional couch and two chairs may not work, especially if you are scaling your furniture. However, you can always skip the chairs and stick with a two-piece sectional sofa. Another option is one sofa and accent chair, and you can add in a floor pouf regardless of your other seating arrangements.

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Small Living Room Layouts

Your small living room furniture arrangement can make a big difference when creating more space. This is why we offer several small living room layout samples, which we are going to give you a glimpse of in this section.

All layouts are drawn according to the size of the furniture on the mood board.

Layout #1

The television is the focal point in the first layout, and you can find it next to the entrance. Now, the seating arrangements are not all going to be facing the television, which is why a chair can be found to the left of the television, facing the sofa and pouf. This is a great way to encourage conversation. The coffee table is in the center with the C-table in front of the sofa. Your greenery is next to the sofa, and your storage bench can be found near the chair. The pieces are arranged over a large area rug.

Layout #2

In the second layout, the television is not the focal point of the living room. You can find a chair, C-table and wall-mounted bookcase to the left of the entrance, with the chair facing the sofa and pouf. Your greenery is to the left of the sofa, and the pouf is to the right of it. The entertainment center is to the right of your entrance, and your storage bench acts as a coffee table in front of the sofa. A large area rug can be found under your living room set.

Layout #3

The third layout features an L-shape sectional sofa in the far left corner of the living room, with a C-table in front of it and a round coffee table in the center. The pouf is across from the chaise section of the sofa, with greenery positioned behind it. Your seating is arranged over a large area rug. The entertainment center is in the front, with the sofa facing it. Your storage bench is to the far right of the entertainment center, closer to the entrance.

Layout #4

The fourth and final layout is arranged with an L-shape sectional sofa against the left wall. Your pouf is across from the sofa to encourage conversation, and your round “over and over” coffee table is in the center. You can find this arrangement over your large area rug. A wall-mounted bookcase is to the left of the entrance, and the entertainment center is against the right wall. You can place your beautiful greenery between the pouf and the entertainment center.

9 Things You Need For Your Small Living Room

By now, you should have an idea of what furniture to include in your space, but you can choose from many pieces of furniture for your small living room layout. We offer furniture mood boards to give you an idea of what to consider for your living room. Our furniture ideas for small living room including the following pieces.

small modern living room furniture such as sofa, coffee table, bookcase.

Sectional Sofa or Compact Sofa

Harris Loft 2-Piece Chaise Sectional: Use the sectional as a substitute for a smaller sofa and accent chair. You can place it in the corner of the room.

Auburn Sofa: This sofa is the perfect option for downsizing from a sectional sofa, as it can be paired with an accent chair.

Accent Chair

Anevy Accent Chair: You can create an alternative to a sectional sofa by pairing your smaller sofa with this accent chair, as it is another great option for scaling down your furniture.

Soft Seating – Pouf

Floor Pouf: A floor pouf can be paired with a smaller or sectional sofa because it does not take up a lot of space. It also creates another comfortable seating arrangement.

Storage Bench

Acacia Storage Bench: A storage bench is the perfect example of multipurpose furniture. You can use it as a seating arrangement, such as a bench or window seat, or you can turn it into a coffee table. It is also an extra storage solution.

Coffee Tables

Charley C-Side Table: The base slides under the sofa, and the top slides over the sofa, creating a functional piece without taking up a lot of space. You can place it next to or in front of your sofa to meet your needs.

Oak and Iron Side Table: Also known as an “over and over” table, it can be used to create a bigger coffee table without taking up too much space.

Bookcase – Storage Cabinet – Media Unit

Stairway Black 72.5” Wall-Mounted Bookcase: Another great option for a small living room layout, this bookcase takes up less floor space because it is mounted to the wall.

Wall-Mounted Storage Shelf: A smaller wall-mounted storage solution that takes up less floor space.

Peek Small Media Stand: This stylish and modern media cabinet is excellent for a small living room.


Use the mirrors to reflect light and make your living room feel bigger and brighter.

Large Area Rug

Rugs or carpets can help also make a room look bigger. Put the large rug and break within 12 inches of the walls on all sides, or you can center the carpet with the sofa.


Greenery: Regardless of the size or theme, you can add greenery to just about any room of your home.

Use the furniture ideas and layout samples to determine your small living room furniture arrangement. If you keep the above tips, furniture, and samples in mind, you can easily make your small living room layout feel open, airy, and bigger.