Best Wall-Mounted Folding Tables to Maximize Small Space

Wall Mounted Folding Table

Once upon a time, it was common to feel restricted inside a small home. However, this is no longer the case with the modern pieces on the market today. Gone are the days of skipping certain pieces or areas because we do not have space for it.

Today, you can find a range of smart furniture that allows you to make the most of your space. One example is a fold down wall table, which is a table that is mounted to the wall. When you are ready to use your table, all you have to do is fold it down. You can easily fold the table up to create more visual or floor space as needed. It is also known as a wall mounted folding table, and it is ideal for apartments, tiny homes, mobile homes, standard small homes or wherever you need to save space.

If you are looking to make the most of the space in your home, consider the following fold down wall tables.

A List of Functional, Space-Saving Wall-Mounted Folding Tables

Wall-Mounted Bar Table

Black wall mounted bar table

Entertaining guests is always a breeze with this Wall-Mounted Bar Table from Ebern Designs. Unfold the table to reveal a mini bar, complete with built-in shelves for your drinkware and enough space for mixing drinks. On the front is a chalkboard surface for notes, reminders and messages. When you are not entertaining guests, you can use this table for meals, hobbies or projects. Of course, you can also use the shelves for items such as office supplies and magazines.

Boahaus Multipurpose Cabinet with Desk

White Color Multipurpose Cabinet with Desk

You can easily maximize your space with the Boahaus Multipurpose Cabinet with Desk. In addition to the spacious surface, this fold down wall table includes built-in storage for easy organization. Above the fold-out table are shelves for snacks, supplies or other essentials, and a cabinet for items such as dinnerware or books can be found beneath the table. When unfolded, this table provides enough space for two stools or chairs, creating alternative seating in most small areas.

Bandera Fold-Out Convertible Writing Desk

Fold Out Convertible Writing Desk

Another fold down wall table that has made our list is the Bandera Fold-Out Convertible Writing Desk. Once this desk is folded down, you have plenty of space for your papers, tablet or laptop. In addition, it also includes built-in storage for organizing mail, files, reading material and other important documents, as well as built-in shelves for office supplies or small decor. This fold-out desk comes in several finishes to match your interior.

Space Saver Folding Wall-Mounted Drop-Leaf Desk

Space Saver Folding Wall-Mounted Drop-Leaf Desk

A leaf desk is a great way to maximize your space, and this Space-Saver Folding Wall-Mounted Drop-Leaf Desk from The Twillery Co. is no exception. When folded, you can use the small table for a mug, book or small houseplant. If you need more space for your tablet, laptop or planner, unfold the drop-leaf to extend the desk. You can also use this piece for meals, hobbies and other activities. This wall mounted folding table comes in white, black and brown to fit most designs.

Yescom Wall-Mounted Folding Desk

Yescom Wall Mounted Folding Desk

If you are looking for a simple piece for your home, consider the Yescom Wall-Mounted Folding Desk. This wall mounted folding table does not include built-in storage, but it can easily be paired with separate wall-mounted shelves. With a 50-pound weight capacity, this table is ideal for lightweight items such as a tablet or laptop, and you can easily fold the desk up to create more floor space. This wall-mounted desk comes in black or white to fit your interior design.

There are several types of wall mounted folding tables, and you can find many of them in various small furniture stores. With the right fold down wall table, you can easily save space in your home without sacrificing style and function.

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