Furnishing For A Small Space? Check Out These Small Furniture Stores

Small scale sofa for apartments

When looking for small scale furniture for apartments or homes, you want to ensure you are shopping at small furniture stores that offer high-quality pieces. After all, you deserve pieces that are stylish, durable and perfect for your space.

Are you ready to start browsing for beautiful, space-saving furniture? You can start by checking out the following list of the best furniture online stores for small spaces.

1. Floyd

Floyd light color sofa in a small living room

Located in Detroit, Michigan, Floyd has been in business since 2013. What started with a single product known as The Floyd Leg has turned into an entire collection of furniture. As an effort to reduce furniture waste in households, the furniture is designed to last for many years.

The Floyd shop includes a bed frame, mattress, sofa, chaise, tables and storage solutions. You can also look into The Floyd Leg for creating your own table with a flat surface, as well as The Shelf Brackets for wall-mounted shelving.

2. Apt2B

Sofa and coffee table with storage for small sized rooms.

Apt2B is located in North Hollywood, California. The company is all about creating pieces that are simple yet attractive and modern, as well as pieces in both neutral and vibrant shades to fit your interior design.

The shop includes furniture for just about any room in your apartment or home. Furnishing your living room? Imagine a blush pink sofa and walnut coffee table.

Looking to upgrade your kitchen? The Whitaker Round Dining Table provides plenty of room to eat comfortably without taking up a lot of floor space. For your bedroom, you are sure to love the selection of platform and storage beds.

When it comes to the best furniture brands for small spaces, Apt2B is one of our favorite places to browse for new pieces.

3. Design Within Reach

Space saving furniture; sleeper sofa with storage

Based in Stamford, Connecticut, Design Within Reach has been designing beautiful, high-quality modern and Mid-Century pieces since 1999.

One of the best small furniture stores today, Design Within Reach offers pieces for your living room, bedroom, exterior and even your work-from-home area. You can upgrade your apartment or home with a small-scale sofa, bed, desk or console table. You can look into storage solutions such as shelves, credenzas and dressers. 

In addition, the shop includes decor and accessories such as pillows, bedding, rugs, lighting, mirrors, artwork and planters.

4. Schoolhouse

Corner seating by small furniture store

Founded by Brian Faherty, you can find Schoolhouse in a 109-year-old brick factory building in Portland, Oregon. Their goal is to use old-fashioned techniques to create modern heirlooms. Every piece is designed with style and quality in mind to create a beautiful addition to any small space.

The shop is full of stunning small sized furniture for apartments and homes. Chairs, stools, coffee tables, side tables, utility carts and wall-mounted shelves are just a few of the many pieces found in this furniture store. You can also find decor, accessories and rugs for adding pizzazz to your space.

5. Society6

Colorful bench, pillow and handmade wall art.

Society6 is located in Santa Monica, California. The online marketplace is full of furniture and accessories designed by talented independent artists.

From benches and counter stools to credenzas and side tables, furnishing your apartment or home is easy when you shop with Society6. The marketplace also includes pieces that allow your space to stand out from the crowd.

Imagine a Dolly Parton credenza in your living room or bedroom, or maybe you would enjoy a Star Wars acrylic tray on your coffee table or kitchen counter. You can also shop for floor cushions, folding stools and coffee tables for your apartment or home.

6. Resource Furniture

Desk with storage and bed unit

When it comes to the best furniture stores for small spaces, you do not want to skip over Resource Furniture. With showrooms in multiple locations, this company has been offering space-saving solutions since 2000.

It is no secret that living in a smaller place means looking into multi-function solutions as a way to save space without sacrificing comfort or style. The products include wall beds, storage beds, sectional sofas, lounge chairs and console tables, as well as sliding-door wardrobes, flip-down desks and transforming tables. You can even look into customizable storage solutions to fit your needs and your space.

7. Urban Outfitters

Over the bed metal storage shelf

You can find more than just clothes and accessories at Urban Outfitters. Headquartered in Philadelphia with shops all over the world, as well as an online marketplace, Urban Outfitters is a great place to shop for small scale furniture for apartments and homes.

The selection features pieces fitting of any space, from retro and modern to rustic and Boho designs. Use wooden furniture to create your own zen-inspired space. You can look into floral pieces to create your own personal oasis. Rattan furniture works for various designs, especially a Boho design. And modern upstate pieces allow you to show off clean lines and deep hues in any space.

From bohemian sofas and chairs to tables and cabinets, you can find a range of stylish, space-saving furniture at Urban Outfitters.

8. Anthropologie

Small sized sofa in the living room

Anthropologie was launched in 1992 after Dick Hayne’s friend had a hard time finding furniture that fit her style. Located in Wayne, Pennsylvania, Anthropologie has over 200 stores worldwide, as well as an online marketplace.

Anthropologie is one of the best small furniture stores because of the stylish, mature pieces. You can find a selection dedicated to small-space living, including the beautiful Julia Sofa, Maren Swivel Chair and Fern Storage Cabinet.

The selection also includes double-duty pieces such as Handcarved Lombok Storage Bench and Freya Storage Ottoman. You can also shop for nightstands, desks and bookcases through Anthropologie.

9. Burrow

Walnut coffee table with storage and tray

When looking for great small furniture stores, look no further than Burrow. Burrow is located in New York with an online marketplace, and it was launched in 2016 as a way to offer luxurious but affordable furniture.

You can find a range of pieces that work for small spaces on Burrow’s website. For your living room, you may enjoy the gorgeous selection of loveseats, armchairs and ottomans, as well as the Kettle Coffee Table and Signal Coffee Table. The Carta Side Table offers built-in storage, while the variety of wall-mounted shelves free up floor space. 

You can also enhance your space with pillows, throw blankets, rugs, trays and lighting.

10. Interior Icons

Futuristic lounge chair with curved seat.

Interior Icons is a great place to find Mid-Century Modern furniture at an affordable price. The pieces offer the same style and quality as more expensive options, allowing you to find beautiful pieces without breaking the bank.

From lounge chairs and two-seater sofas to side tables and dining tables, Interior Icons offers pieces in various sizes, allowing you to find small enough options to fit your space. But comfortable and stylish enough to meet your needs. The selection also includes several types of lamps to brighten up your space.

11. Scandinavian Designs

Sectional sofa with pouf

One of the most popular interior designs, the Scandinavian-style design boasts less clutter and more simplicity. This is why you may enjoy the selection at Scandinavian Designs, which is headquartered in Petaluma, California, with locations throughout the United States.

Every piece is designed to create a clean, simple layout. And this makes it easier to find small scale furniture for apartments and homes. Sectionals and convertible sofas are ideal for a smaller living room, while storage beds allow you to organize your bedroom. You can also find pieces for your dining room, office, entryway and exterior.

12. Yamazaki

Rolling kitchen storage

Finally, Yamazaki is one of the best furniture stores for small spaces today. The company has been focusing on stylish, space-saving solutions for over 100 years. With offices all over the world and an online marketplace, it is easy to shop for your apartment or home.

The shop includes small furniture such as side tables and end tables to furnish your living room, bedroom or home office. To help you keep your space clean and organized, Yamazaki also offers magnetic shelves, shoe racks, closet organizers and rolling carts.

As you can see, there are plenty of small furniture brands that offer beautiful pieces fitting most interior designs. With such a wide selection of collections, shopping for apartment size furniture is sure to be a breeze.

When you take the time to browse through the best furniture stores for small spaces, you are taking the time to invest in stylish, durable pieces for your apartment or home.

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