How to Layout Your Home Office with Feng Shui

white home office with white desk, orange chair and woman.

Whether you are taking classes or working from home, it is important to work in a home office that promotes productivity. One way to increase both peace and productivity is to create a feng shui home office layout. Learn About Feng Shui If you are unfamiliar with feng shui, it is an ancient Chinese practice […]

How to Easily Set Up Your Home Office

home office setup

A comfortable workspace or office is essential to working from home. Of course, there is more to a home office setup than just adding a desk and chair, especially if you are going to be using your home office full time. You want to be sure you are setting up a workspace that is not […]

7 Clever Home Office Layouts to Increase Work Productivity

home office layout with white desk and plants

Many factors can affect work productivity and quality work results. One of these is the home office layout. Furniture placements, paint color, natural light, ventilation, and other design features in a home office contributes to your overall work performance and outcome way more than you think. The way you set up your workspace matters whether […]

Boho Home Office Design with 8 Illustrated Layouts

bohemian style home office design

You are going to spend a lot of time in your home office, so of course, it should be a room that you enjoy using for several hours a day. One idea is to decorate your home office in a boho style. This way, you are spending time in a unique but relaxing space, which […]

Eclectic Home Office Design Ideas with 8 Illustrated Layouts

eclectic home office design

Whether your home office is a separate space or part of your eclectic modern living room, you are going to want to decorate your home office layout in an eclectic style. This way, you are sticking to the same style while creating an enjoyable place to work. How Do You Start Decorating An Eclectic Home […]

8 Home Office Layout: Designed in Industrial Style

industrial style home office

Nowadays, working from home is required. But even when it’s not required, it can be pretty desirable. If you are an entrepreneur, consultant, writer, designer, or a digital marketer, the home office is essential. You cannot go without it. Below, you’ll find different layouts, design tips and recommendations for an industrial home office. Use them […]

Mid-Century Home Office Design with Feng Shui

mid-century modern home office

Your home office is the place you brainstorm, collaborate, and work on important projects. A Mid Century home office mixes comfort with elegance to create a pleasant workspace. In addition to feeling comfortable, your home office should also be a place that helps you to feel ready to face the workday. One idea is to […]