Eclectic Home Office Design Ideas with 8 Illustrated Layouts

eclectic home office design

Whether your home office is a separate space or part of your eclectic modern living room, you are going to want to decorate your home office layout in an eclectic style. This way, you are sticking to the same style while creating an enjoyable place to work.

How Do You Start Decorating An Eclectic Home Office?

Rectangular and Square Shaped Layout Ideas

While we offer eight illustrated samples of square and rectangular layouts, we are going to share just several home office layout ideas to help you get started on your space. The samples include 10×10-foot square spaces to use as a separate home office, as well as 12×16-foot rectangular layouts that work for a combination of a living room and home office.

Rectangular Layout #1

The first idea is also the first layout of the rectangular batch. On one end of the layout is a desk with a chair on either side for working and meeting with clients. Your houseplant is placed in the corner next to the desk to encourage feng shui as you work. Across from the desk are your wooden tables, which can be used for supplies or decor. Near the door are your couch, adjacent chair and coffee table in the center, all over your large area rug.

Rectangular Layout #2

The second rectangular layout of the batch, and it offers a more different placement than the first layout. You are going to place the furniture in the center of this layout. Starting with your couch against the wall, complete with an end table and chair next to it. Your desk and chair are across from the couch, and the pieces are all arranged on a large area rug. Once again, you are going to place the houseplant in the corner, but your wooden tables are going to be placed near the door of your home office layout.

Square Layout #1

This idea is aimed towards a smaller layout, and it is based on the third layout of the square batch. The furniture is floated to the center of the office, with a desk and chair on one side, and two chairs and a small table across from the desk, just several feet away. The desk, table and chairs are on an area rug, with a houseplant in the corner of the room. In the corner across from the houseplant and near the door is your wooden bookshelf.

Square Layout #2

The final idea on this list is actually the final layout in the square batch. It features the desk and chair in the center of the office, similar to the previous home office layout. Instead of two chairs and a table across from the desk, you are going to place a couch several feet away. Just like the other layouts, your houseplant is in the corner of the room. You can also place one or two wooden bookshelves near the door of your office.

The above ideas are only based on four of our home office layout samples, but we offer a total of eight illustrated samples to help you create your home office. The layouts vary per furniture and door placements.

Eclectic Home Office Furniture

In addition to the neutral and accent shades, your eclectic home office is also going to include the following pieces, which you can find on our eclectic mood board:

eclectic home office furniture mood board
  • Wooden Desk with Teal Lamp
  • Upholstered Desk Chair
  • Wooden Ladder Bookcase
  • Large Area Rug
  • Houseplant

Other pieces may include an upholstered couch and chair, matching drapes, wooden tables and round hanging pendant light.

You can create an eclectic home office by keeping our tips, ideas and layouts in mind.

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