8 Home Office Layout: Designed in Industrial Style

industrial style home office

Nowadays, working from home is required. But even when it’s not required, it can be pretty desirable. If you are an entrepreneur, consultant, writer, designer, or a digital marketer, the home office is essential. You cannot go without it.

Below, you’ll find different layouts, design tips and recommendations for an industrial home office. Use them to modify your existing home office or to build a new one from scratch. So, meet this ultimate need and choose your best home office layout; either you are resetting your office or want to make an industrial home office from scratch.

Here we go!

How You Can Create A Perfect Home Office: 8 Productive Layout Options

Designing your own home office layout may look like a daunting task. But we created four rectangular shaped and four square-shaped layouts with many different furniture arrangements so that you can apply to your space.

Now, all you have to do is select a layout and start building your own home office.

Home Office Design Tips and Layout Design

Place your desk carefully

The most important thing in a home office layout is the position of the desk. Place your desk so that it neither hinders your movement nor causes an eye strain because of light coming from the wrong direction.

Sunlight is essential for productivity and a healthy being. When you are writing or drawing, if you are using the right hand, the best direction of the sun is from your left side.

Don’t use a too striking design

When building a home office, try to keep it neat and functional instead of making a statement with a bold design. If you’d like to add colors or different things to make it more lively, sure go ahead, but don’t overdo it.

You can also place plants to give a more refreshing look.

Think about productivity and comfort

Even if it is in your home, the home office is for working. Continue to look for things that will increase your productivity and comfort so that you enjoy working from home.

Industrial Home Office Decor

If you want to turn your room into an industrial home office, you need to be creative. Take a home tour with a pen and notebook in your hand and start writing what furniture you have and what needs to be bought.

As designers and hand workers especially go for the industrial home office, wood and metal furniture would go best. Concrete topped tables and side storage racks are also essential as piling of notes, papers, and all the stuff would make your office clumsy.

industrial style home office furniture mood board

Essential furniture/stuff recommended for industrial home office:

  • Leather sofa
  • Wooden table
  • Hanging lamp
  • Small table lamp
  • Rugs (for a classic touch)
  • Comfortable chair (moveable preferred)
  • Industrial style desk with drawers
  • Storage rack

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