There is nothing like a living room with a corner fireplace to create a relaxing atmosphere at home. You can warm up your home on a chilly day, plus it adds a touch of coziness to your space. Sitting in front of the fire is the perfect way to spend your autumn or winter. In addition, you can embrace the corner fireplace in your space regardless of the theme, from a rustic to a modern living room.

If you are unsure how to work around the fireplace in your large living room layout, the following tips can help you start.

Living Room With A Corner Fireplace: Frequently Asked Questions

Determine How Much Space You Need For A Corner Fireplace

The first thing you need to do is determine how much space you need for a corner fireplace. You can do this by considering the usual flow of traffic in your living room. It is best to ensure your fireplace is located at least 36 inches away from any unprotected combustible walls. And be sure to plan for a non-combustible hearth extension on the front and side of your fireplace. You can add a wall protector, but it may result in just 12 inches of clearance.

How To Arrange Your Furniture With a TV and Corner Fireplace

There are several tips for arranging your furniture in a living room with a corner fireplace and television. Start by using the back of your sofa to define your space. You can also place the television next to your fireplace at an angle. Consider swivel chairs to turn from the television to the fireplace as needed. Another idea is to divide your space into zones, using furniture such as your sofa, shelving unit, or area rug as your dividers.

L shaped sectional sofa with corner fireplace.

How To Arrange Your Furniture With A Corner Fireplace

Regardless of where your television is placed, you can find various tips to help you arrange your furniture in a living room with a corner fireplace. One idea is to start from scratch with your arrangement. Do not be afraid to experiment with different layouts. If you are not happy with a layout, you can always rearrange your furniture. You also want to determine your focal point and whether you want just one or several focal points. Your fireplace is in a corner, and you may have to enjoy it from an angle. So it is best to just embrace the angles and work around them.

4 Different Living Room Layouts with a Corner Fireplace

Sometimes, it helps to look at a large living room layout to gain inspiration for your own space. This is why we offer four modern living room samples that include a corner fireplace. The samples are designed for a 20′ x 30′ rectangular living room. They also include a dining area.

All layouts are drawn according to the size of the furniture on the mood board.

Layout #1

The first layout features a sofa facing the television for easy viewing. But it is at a slight angle from the fireplace in the left corner to create a cozy environment. You can arrange two chairs to the left of the sofa, facing the right wall, as well as a floor pillow to the right of the sofa. This is a great way to encourage conversation when you are not watching television. Your oval-shaped coffee table is in front of the sofa, with an area rug to define your living space.

Quick Tip: Divide your space into zones by placing an open shelving unit behind your sofa with your dining table.

Layout #2

In the second layout, your L-shaped sofa is facing the corner fireplace, and the television is against the nearby wall, which means you can still watch television at an angle. The coffee table is in the center, with two chairs and a side table on the right. A floor pillow in front of the fireplace. Your area rug is going to define and divide your space this time around, with your dining furniture and shelving unit several feet from your sectional sofa and closer to the entrance.

Layout #3

The third layout is a living room that is really going to embrace angles, as your L-shaped sofa is facing both the television and the right wall, with the fireplace in the left corner. Your two chairs are facing the sofa rather than the television, with the coffee table in the center, creating more of a conversational area. The area rug is placed in the living room, with the dining area and shelving unit on the other side of the sofa, once again near the entrance.

Layout #4

Your living room is closer to the entrance in the fourth layout, and it features both a 90″x40″ and 96″x40” sofa instead of an L-shaped sofa. They are arranged with the coffee table in the center and an accent chair and side table to the left of the entrance. The television is optional for this layout. You can use an area rug to define the living room, with the dining area closer to the fireplace in the far left corner. Place your open shelving unit to the right of your dining furniture.

Furniture Ideas For Your Modern Living Room With A Fireplace

We are pleased to offer a furniture mood board that not only works for a modern living room. But it also works for a living room with a corner fireplace. While your choices may vary per layout and personal taste, you may want to consider the following pieces for your living room.

modern living room furniture mood board

Sectional Sofa | Pillows | Coffee Table | Floor Pillow | Media Console | Rug | Dining Table | Bench | Dining Chair | Pendant Light | Bookcase | Floor Lamp | Accent Chair | Side Table | Console

It may seem difficult to arrange your furniture in a living room with a corner fireplace, but the above tips can help you create the modern living room you have in mind.