Creating Your Own Eclectic Modern Living Room

eclectic modern living room corner

Eclectic is a design that brings different styles together to create a place of beauty and harmony. While it also brings together different eras, you can focus on just creating an eclectic modern style in your rectangular living room. You are going to focus on more modern pieces rather than mixing old and new styles together in your space. In addition, eclectic is a style that stands out from the crowd because you are not relying on one specific theme.

You can get started on creating your eclectic modern living room by keeping the following tips and ideas in mind.

How To Decorate A Living Room In An Eclectic Modern Style?

Plan Your Layout

The first thing you want to do is plan your living room layout. We offer several illustrations of sectional and open rectangular living room furniture arrangement samples. One idea is to place a sectional couch in the corner of your living room. You can place a chair adjacent from the couch with a coffee table in the center. Another idea is to separate the couch into two or three sections, with a coffee table in the center, to encourage conversation. The layout samples also include a dining area or home office.

Determine Your Palette

Once you determine your layout, you want to choose your color palette. You may want to start with a neutral shade and an accent shade for an eclectic modern living room. This way, you are not going to create an overwhelming space. One example is a neutral shade of gray and an accent shade of dark blue. It keeps the space from feeling boring, but you are not overdoing the accent shade. While the eclectic modern style does not stick to a specific theme, the neutral and accent shades create a harmonious vibe in your living room.

Choose Your Furniture

The next step is to choose the furniture for your eclectic modern-style living room. Start with a sectional couch in colors such as dark blue or light gray, and add in a single chair to create a conversational area. You can also add in a round coffee table, end table and/or dining table instead of the usual square or rectangular tables. Another idea is to add a wooden desk and orange office chair to create a unique home office, and you can invest in a tall floor lamp or hanging pendants to brighten up your space. Remember, we offer several rectangular living room furniture arrangement samples to help you get started on your layout.

Eclectic modern living room furniture ideas

Add Your Decor

Your eclectic modern living room is not complete without your decor. Throw pillows are great for adding an accent color to your space, and you can never go wrong with a little greenery. Another idea is to add wall hangings of flowers or scenery, as well as a decorative vase on a long wooden table. You should keep in mind that you do not have to display all of your decorative pieces at once. There are many homeowners who prefer to switch out their decor to create a clutter-free space.

Experiment With Textures

You can also create an eclectic modern-style living room by experimenting with textures. The best part is you can experiment with the decorative pieces you already have in your living room. Start with your area rug and curtains, and consider a hanging tapestry to add more texture and color to your space. Your greenery can also add texture with their leaves, and even your throw pillows or throw blanket can add a textured layer to your living room.

With the above tips and ideas, creating an eclectic modern living room is going to be a breeze.

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