There is nothing like a Mid Century modern living room to add a cozy but elegant touch to your home. You can enhance the design with a mixture of neutral shades and splashes of color. This way, you are creating a living room that is anything but boring or uncomfortable.

In addition, you can also draw inspiration from a living room layout with fireplace. A fireplace is another great way to add warmth and elegance to your home. It is perfect for chilly nights and holiday parties, and it can set the mood for movie nights or at-home dates.

Are you looking to create your own Mid-Century modern living room with a fireplace? We are going to share ideas from our furniture mood board and layout samples to help you get started on your home design.

Four Different Living Room Layouts With A Fireplace

Your layout may vary depending on the location of your fireplace. Of course, you may be wondering where you should place your television. One idea is to place it on your credenza or entertainment center next to the fireplace. The key is to place it where you can easily see it from your sofa, but it does not need to be your living room’s focal point. Why not arrange your sectional, so it is perpendicular to the fireplace? This way, your fireplace can be the main focus when you are not interested in watching television. Another option is to mount the television above the fireplace with the sofa facing both pieces for comfortable viewing.

Quick Tip: The fireplace should be placed between the living and dining room if there is no heating system, especially in an open-concept home. This way, you are keeping both areas warm.

Now that you have an idea of where to place certain pieces, here are several samples of a living room layout with fireplace.

All layouts are drawn according to the size of the furniture on the mood board.

Mid-Century Modern Living Room Layout #1

Our first layout features a living and dining room. When you enter the area, you are going to find the living room arranged on the right side of the door. The fireplace is on the far-right wall with your greenery next to it. The sectional sofa and floor lamp are on the left side of the fireplace, with the armchair, pouf and end table on the right side and the coffee table in the center. Your area rug is under the furniture to pinpoint the living room. On the left side of the door, you can find the dining table with chairs, as well as the credenza against the far-left wall.

Mid-Century Modern Living Room Layout #2

This layout features a small home office rather than a dining room. You are greeted with the living room as soon as you walk through the door. The furniture is arranged over the area rug on the left and in the center, which includes your sofa with the floor lamp and end table next to it, the coffee table in the center and the armchair and end table across from the sofa. The fireplace is on the right wall, and the greenery is next to the fireplace to create a relaxing atmosphere. On the opposite end of the living space is the home office, and it features two desks with chairs on each side of the area

Mid-Century Modern Living Room Furniture

Our furniture mood board features the following pieces for your Mid Century modern living room.

mid-century modern living room furniture mood board

Sectional Sofa | Drum Storage Coffee Table | Rug | Side Table | Velvet Pillow | Floor Lamp | Mounted Fireplace | Planter Set | Lounge Chair | Leather Pouf | Round Dining Table | Dining Chair | Chandelier | Bookshelf | Wrapped Canvas | Desk | Office Chair | Accessorize

The colors may vary depending on your interior, but once again, you can use neutral shades with accent colors.

If you consider the above ideas and layouts, you can create your own Mid Century modern living room with a fireplace and a dining room or home office.