How to Layout an L-Shaped Living Room [With Illustrated Floor Plans]

L-shaped living room layout

A lot of interior designers opt for an L-shaped living room layout because of its uniqueness and flexibility. L-shaped floor plans address design concerns in terms of lot orientation, accessibility, and natural ventilation as well as privacy and noise concerns. 

The L-shaped living room layout may be a bit of a challenge when it comes to arranging furniture because of the variety of ways to place it. But with these pre-prepared layout samples and design tips, you can do it without any problems.

Here are some ideas on arranging the living room and dining room furniture for the L-shaped floor plan.

6 Things to Consider When Planning Your Room

Decide Functionality

First, think of the functions of the areas and layout them accordingly. If you want a huge living room with lots of seating, dedicate the larger space for the living room. The opposite wing can serve as your dining area as well as your kitchen.

Separate the Room

Use furniture pieces as a partition to create division in the room. Decide how open you want the areas to be with one another. There are many options to separate zones; one of the options is placing a bookshelf, sofa, or a console table to divide the areas. You can visually divide your room with rugs or even with the use of color blocking in your walls.

Determine Transition and Walk Flow

L-shaped spaces make an awkward transition from one area to another. However, with the right furniture selection and placement, your living room and dining room will be in tune with each other, providing ease in transition and navigation.

Right Sofa Selection and Placement

Sofas act as the defining element of your living room. A poorly arranged sofa set can have a huge impact on your living room design scheme.

Consider first the dimensions of your living room before you buy furniture. Scale and proportion are important for a perfectly well-balanced interior design. If the furniture is not placed accordingly, it can make the space too cramped, uncoordinated, and uncomfortable.

Where to put the couch in L shaped living room? Usually, the living area goes in the bigger part of the L. You can arrange the sectional sofa into the outer corner, or a long couch is a perfect placement for a long wall in an L-shaped room. Besides you can use a long sofa as a divider for living and dining space.

The good thing with an L-shaped plan is that there are a lot of options for arranging your seatings. L-shaped sofas, for example, provide a lot of seating and make the room more spacious. 

Create Conversation Zones

This is the most important thing when it comes to arranging seats that some people failed to keep in mind.

l-shaped living room layout sofa arrangement

The secret of an effective living room is in making the appropriate seating placements that would enable easy communication and interaction among guests or simply the residents of the house. Face the seats towards each other or angle them in a way that would conjure a conversational ambiance. 

Consider the Wall Paint

Paint colors set the mood of the interior space. Aside from its aesthetic visual appeal, it is also used as a visual divider and a transition element. In an L-shaped room, choosing the right colors to paint the walls is important since colors can also affect the way we perceive the spaciousness of a room.

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8 L-Shaped Living Room Layout Samples

We created here eight L-shaped floor plan samples to get you started and make things easy.

Layout #1

L-shaped living room layout with sectional sofa.

Divide your living room into three zones. In this example, the living room is located on the other wing of the L-shaped plan with the dining area at the center. This creates a smooth transition between two different active areas. You can make use of the other wing as a transitional foyer going to other areas of the house, or a home office and study area.

Layout #2

L-shaped living room layout with TV.

This alternative has more seating available. The living room is more defined because of the two long sofas that are placed facing each other. This creates an illusion of enclosure that makes the spaces more exclusive. The symmetrically arranged furniture also add balance to the living room composition while the arc floor lamp makes it more visually interesting.

Layout #3

Open L-shaped living room layout

This layout introduces another way of modifying an open plan with proper furniture placement. The size and design of your furniture can also affect the overall appearance of your composition. Large, heavy, and dark furniture can make the room narrower while light and simple furnishings can make space feel more spacious. For this layout, furniture choice is more modest and simpler making the space larger and more open.

Layout #4

large living room plan  with TV and dining table

The living room is the focal point of the house. It is where we received guests, hang out, and spend time with our family. Ideally, a living room should be located at the halfway point where it can easily be accessed to and from any parts of the house just like what is shown in this plan. A layout like this is considered practical and more traditionally inclined.

Layout #5

L-shaped living room floor plan with dining and seating area.

Use rugs as a defining element to create a distinction between areas. Although this layout is open and there are no partitions placed directly to separate the spaces, the rugs were able to provide that impression.

The living area is situated in the middle of the room and is arranged conveniently with the appropriate number of seating. It is connected seamlessly together with the rest of the areas of the room. This layout is practical and clear-cut allowing you to see the spaces throughout. 

Layout #6 with Fireplace

L-shaped living room floor plan with corner fireplace.

Having a fireplace in your living room makes the room feel warmer and cozier. This example here shows a wonderful layout of a room with a corner fireplace.

In this scenario, the seating is pulled away from the walls and is placed at the center. It is arranged in a way where it surrounds the fireplace while leaving an open space between the seating and the fireplace for ease of traffic. Although located in the corner, the fireplace becomes the focal point of the house because it is visible from both wings of the L-shaped plan.

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Layout #7 Small Sized

Small l-shaped living room layout with corner bench

For small l-shaped living room plans, you can innovate the corners as a storage space as well as a seating area or lounge. This is a smart method to make more space out of an originally narrow and limited area in your small L-shaped living room. The furniture is kept minimal but still providing just enough to accommodate the family and maybe a few guests.  

living room corner; as a storage as well as a seating area.

You can place a corner bench seat with storage just in front of your window. This is the perfect solution for small living room layouts.

Layout #7 Small Sized with Home Office

small l shaped living room floor plan with a small dining area

This layout is appropriate for the small apartment or condominium unit with the same L-shaped plan. Here you can see the spaces being divided into productivity zones with a small home office on the corner. You can create your banquette seat for a small dining area or a breakfast nook on the other wing and a modest living room, with a warm and inviting furniture arrangement on the opposite.  


There are many ways to arrange and decorate an L-shaped living room layout. But in order not to be overwhelmed with the process, keep in mind the tips that we have listed as well as the layout samples we have shown while also creating your own composition based on the furniture that you have.

Remember that a well-designed interior space should serve its function and provide you with the ease and comforts of home.  

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