Tips For Creating A Boho Living Room

boho style living room

There is nothing like a boho living room to create an exciting atmosphere in your home. Imagine the bold colors, fun patterns and round furniture taking over your space. Of course, it helps to learn a bit about your living room layout before changing up the furniture and decor. One example is the size of […]

Creating A Small Boho Bedroom In A 10′ × 12′ Space

small boho bedroom design

Designing small bedrooms is always tricky. We created eight different 10′ × 12′ sized small rectangular bedroom layouts for your inspiration. You can see the different door placement in each bedroom plan. However, the same furniture is available in almost every bedroom layout. We chose the queen size bed because the bedroom plan is small, […]

Boho Home Office Design with 8 Illustrated Layouts

bohemian style home office design

You are going to spend a lot of time in your home office, so of course, it should be a room that you enjoy using for several hours a day. One idea is to decorate your home office in a boho style. This way, you are spending time in a unique but relaxing space, which […]

Bohemian Interior Design: 4 Elements for Bohemian Home Décor

bohemian furniture and decor

Creative people always find ways to show their artistic aptitude. Bohemian home décor and interior design are the real art décor without any fear of match and place. Boho décor reflects culture and life with a combination of objects, materials, colors, and patterns from all over the world. You can also easily convert your home […]