There is more to arranging your bedroom than just placing your pieces of furniture wherever they fit. You need to plan out your layout to find the right bed placement in your room. If you remember our guide about Feng Shui, you know that your bed placement can make a huge difference in the energy you invite into your bedroom.

However, the importance of your arrangement does not stop with the energy. Your furniture arrangement can also impact the style and mood of your bedroom. It is important to take the time to determine the right furniture placement, starting with your bed.

To help you get started on your bedroom layout, here are a few examples of the best way to position a bed in a bedroom.


Centered bed placement layout.

If you are like many other people, you may want to place your bed in the center of the longest wall in your bedroom. After all, your bed is most likely the focal point of the room.

In addition to putting the spotlight on your cozy retreat, it also creates a sense of balance because there is enough space to place a nightstand on each side of the bed. You can also add a bit of style above the bed with a decorative headboard or wall art.


Off-centered bed placement furniture layout.

It is not uncommon to place the bed off-centered if there is a fixed element, such as a window or door, limiting your options. If your bed has a decorative headboard, you may want to place it against the wall opposite the door. This way, your headboard is visible from the doorway.

The best part is you can try this off-centered bed placement in a room regardless of the size of your bedroom, as long as the wall is long enough for your bed.

Bed in Front of Window (Under the Window)

Bed in front of the window floor plan.

You may have been told that under the window is not the best way to position a bed in a bedroom. However, it may be the only option available because of fixed elements. Luckily, there are ways to make positioning your bed under the window work. 

For example, you can opt for a low headboard and curtains that are hung high and wide. This way, you can close the curtains as needed, but otherwise, you are not blocking the view of the outdoors.

Bed Against The Wall

Bed against to wall floor plan, bed placement example.

Another option is to place your bed against the wall because it creates more space for walking around the room. It is especially a great idea if you are investing in a daybed or sofa bed for a small bedroom layout.

A daybed against the wall can function as a sofa during the day, while a sofa bed against the wall can turn into a bed at night. Of course, you can also place a regular bed against the longest wall to create more floor space.

Diagonal Bed Placement

Diagonal bed placement plan.

If you cannot place your bed on the wall across from the door, you may need to look into an alternative bed placement in a room. One example is a diagonal bed placement, but you do want to ensure you have enough space for this position.

As for your surrounding furniture, you want to place them where they can fit, such as a floor lamp in the corner behind the bed or the dresser inside the closet.

Same Wall as The Door

Bed on same wall as the door layout.

You may need to place your bed on the same wall as the door, especially if you cannot place it on the wall opposite the door because of fixed elements. This is actually good news if you are looking to keep your bed out of sight from the doorway. Plus, it can provide a nice view of the outdoors if there are windows on the wall opposite the door.

Bed as an Island in the Middle of Room

Bed as an island in the middle of the room layout.

Finally, you can also use the bed in the middle of the room to create an island behind a storage or dressing area. It is ideal if you are placing the bed in the center of a large bedroom or even a studio apartment.

The lack of walls around your bed creates a seamless flow of air, light and energy, plus it is easier to get in and out of your bed. You can make your bed island feel more grounded with a headboard or patterned area rug.

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When looking for the right bed placement in a room, you can choose from several arrangements. By choosing the best way to position a bed in a bedroom, you are creating a space that is focused on both a stylish and positive environment.