7 Ways To Position Your Bed In Your Bedroom

Example of best way to position bed in bedroom.

There is more to arranging your bedroom than just placing your pieces of furniture wherever they fit. You need to plan out your layout to find the right bed placement in your room. If you remember our guide about Feng Shui, you know that your bed placement can make a huge difference in the energy […]

Feng Shui Bedroom Layout and Bed Placement Rules

Feng shui bedroom layout with white wall and bed color

Your bedroom is a place to retreat and rest after a long day, so you want to make sure it is a place of peace and relaxation. One idea is to create a feng shui bedroom layout with the right bed placement. We have created three best and three worst layouts according to feng shui […]

Hotel Room Design and Layout Types

Hotel room with double bed and bench in front of the window.

Whether you are designing a hotel, an Airbnb, or your master bedroom, you want to create the right hotel room floor plan. A hotel room is not a one-size-fits-all design, and you are going to find many ideas for your hotel room layout. You may be wondering why you would want to use a hotel […]

10×10 Bedroom Layout Ideas to Make the Most of Your Small Space

small bedroom with gray wall color

Designing a 10-foot-by-10-foot (305cm x 305cm) sized room without overcrowding can be especially tricky. It may seem like a very small space to design and decorate, and you may wonder where would be the ideal area to place the bed? What furniture should be included? Do you have too much stuff, and it’s hard to […]

Bedroom Furniture Arrangement and Layout Tips

bedroom furniture arrangement

Working with a bedroom that has limited space does not mean you cannot create an appealing layout. You just have to know a few tips and tricks for arranging your furniture. Luckily, there are many ideas for creating the right bedroom layout. It is as simple as measuring your space to investing in multipurpose pieces. […]

Creating A Square-Shaped Mid-Century Modern Bedroom

mid-century modern bedroom

There is something about a Mid-Century modern style that adds a warm, cozy vibe, with a touch of elegance, to your home. Why not create this warm, elegant vibe in your aesthetic bedroom? After all, it is the place you relax after a long day. The best part is it is not difficult to create […]

Creating A 15×15 Square Shaped Industrial Bedroom Layout

industrial bedroom

Whether your room is small or large, arranging bedroom furniture the right way can be complicated. And with a square bedroom layout, the challenge can be even more significant. We created six 15 ft by 15 ft floor plan samples to give inspiration to you. Regardless of your bedroom design, you can create a peaceful […]

Creating A Small Boho Bedroom In A 10′ × 12′ Space

small boho bedroom design

Designing small bedrooms is always tricky. We created eight different 10′ × 12′ sized small rectangular bedroom layouts for your inspiration. You can see the different door placement in each bedroom plan. However, the same furniture is available in almost every bedroom layout. We chose the queen size bed because the bedroom plan is small, […]